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I never believed in multiple personality. I always thought that it was a sociological effect invented by some geek who wanted to be noticed. I repeat, I never believed in multiple personality..., until today.

Today I came across the story of an amazing character. A mortal (or not) capable of facing challenges which for most humans would be impossible. An example of tenacity, controlled madness, perseverance... Able to compose the most beautiful soundtrack while gently landing a Boeing 747. Someone capable of carrying out inhuman projects with a perpetual smile on his face. In short, the personified example of the modern multiple personality…

Gulliverb, or as he is also known, Chimo Ausín, or maybe his real name, Fernando Ausín, is a single person capable of adopting any of these three personalities depending on the moment or, to put it better, on the project that is at hand.


Fernando Ausín is a completely normal guy, with an exciting but normal life. Fernando has a good job. He is Executive Producer and Director of a Russian news agency in Madrid, based in Moscow. In 2012, he was able to leave everything to help raise and put a TV channel in the mouth of the entire world, with more than one billion viewers across the globe. The most disturbing part of this story is the naturalness with which he tells you. He can boast of having stepped on inaccessible lands like North Korea, having lived a war up close or having shared stories on Mount Gurugu with South Sudanese who were about to jump the fence of the promised land. This is Fernando's life, intense, fascinating, disorderly…


Chimo Ausín is an aviator. A free spirit who constantly travels through the skies of the entire planet. He works as an airline commander in a well-known Spanish airline. Very few pilots can boast of having triple type rating in commercial aviation. He has flown "the Queen of the Heavens" and I attest to that with an unusual expertise. For those who are not very familiar with the subject, I have to tell you that this "Queen" is the largest plane in the world…


Chimo has not had an easy life. He had to emigrate to faraway places and leave everything to pursue a dream. The dream of flying and learning. Enriching the mind and spirit is one of his weaknesses. In places like Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Finland, Canada or the beautiful Sicily, they have been lucky enough to feel his positive energy... An energy that he has recycled and mixed with his deepest fears and more radical experiences in an explosive cocktail that goes off powerfully every time he gets on stage. It is then, and only then, when all these personalities are transformed into one, in Gulliverb.



Gulliverb is the result of this sub-atomic, almost unreal fusion. Music that comes from within the soul and penetrates deeply making each session a unique and different visual and musical experience. In short, music that pierces the skin and makes the listener shudder at such evidence of experiences and feelings. Maybe too deep for the layman, but exists, as real as the multiple personality.

It's not a matter of luck. There is hard work and a lot of it. Gulliverb, or Chimo, or Fernando, whatever you want to call him, knows perfectly well what the music business consists of. He has dedicated working at it professionally for more than 30 years, combining his three passions, and still takes the license to affirm that he learns something new every day. He has collaborated in countless first-rate albums and has shared the stage with deities such as Phil Collins, Ricky Martin and Jean Michel Jarre, among many others. He is able to create a soundtrack for a romantic movie, an anthem for a well-known soccer club or to play an Electro session at the level of any of the greats. Gulliverb is that unpredictable.

His latest project is called "12-02. The Journey" and is a tribute to what he considers one of the most fascinating journeys made by modern man, the first trip to the moon. He has taken the liberty of fusing hundreds of sounds, meticulously produced in his own studio, with real musicians (symphonic orchestra included) that magically appear and disappear from the scene throughout the session, all accompanied by images that seem to float in the air, holograms, mapping and special transgressor effects that make "12-02. The Journey" a unique and innovative show within the current DJing scene in our country. Gulliverb is not in a hurry. Despite his 47 years (April 17, 1971), he feels comfortable in his role as DJ Producer. He is able to reset his brain with 20 minutes of a nap and a shower, and leave behind the thousands of kilometers flown as Chimo Ausín, being the one directing the news at 2:00 pm as Fernando Ausín, and after all this on the same day, be the one that rises to the stage as Gulliverb before thousands of people.


From July 2019, we can enjoy this show of sound fusion, originality and good work.


So, I never believed in multiple personality, ..., until today. Long live Gulliverb.

D. de Fooz. Journalist. (2021)


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